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Occupied dwellings in New Zealand

By type, 2018 Census, % of dwellings

0102030405060Separate house with 1 storeySeparate house with 2+ storeysJoined dwelling in a 1 storey buildingSeparate house no storey informationJoined dwelling in a 2-3 storey buildingJoined dwelling no storey informationJoined dwelling in a 4-6 storey buildingMobile dwelling not in a motor campHotel, motel or guest accommodationJoined dwelling in a 10+ storey buildingImprovised dwelling or shelterJoined dwelling in a 7-9 storey buildingDwelling in a motor campResidential and community care facilitiesResidential care for older peopleMotor camp/camping groundEducational institutionCommunal staff quartersBoarding houseYouth, school or Scout/Guide campRoofless or rough sleepingPublic hospitalWelfare institutionMarae complexReligious institutionPrivate hospitalCommercial vesselPrison or penal institutionWork, construction or training campDefence establishmentPrivate dwelling not further definedNight shelterOccupied dwellings in New ZealandBy type, 2018 Census, % of dwellingsProvider: Stats NZ0102030405060