0102030405060No further savings possibleTransportHeavy machineryWater heatingElectronics, appliances, lightingOtherRefrigerationSpace heatingProcess heatGreatest energy saving area for the agriculture, forestry andfishing support services industry in New Zealand2016, % of businessesProvider: Stats NZ

Greatest energy saving area for the agriculture, forestry and fishing support services industry in New Zealand

2016, % of businesses


Enterprise: A unit or business entity operating in New Zealand. It can be a company, partnership, trust, estate, incorporated society, producer board, local or central government organisation, voluntary organisation, or self-employed individual.

Data calculation/treatment

The figures represent percentages of businesses that responded within the industry. The percentages for an industry may not sum to 100, due to rounding.

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Changes to data collection/processing

From 2016, the year in the release title reflects the year in which the survey was run.
This is a change from previous years. For example, when the survey was run in 2015, the data was published as 2014 data.
Therefore there is no gap in the annual series.

Data provided by

Stats NZ

Dataset name

Energy Use Survey: Area of greatest energy savings by Industry (Annual-May) 2018



How to find the data

At URL provided, select 'Industry sectors > Energy Use Survey - EUS > Area of greatest energy savings by Industry (Annual-May)'. All variables were selected to create this dataset.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Energy Use Survey: Area of greatest energy savings by Industry (Annual-May) 2018

From the dataset Energy Use Survey: Area of greatest energy savings by Industry (Annual-May) 2018, this data was extracted:

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  • Columns: 2-415
  • Provided: 1,339 data points

This data forms the table Energy - Area where greatest energy saving could be made by industry 2009–2018.

Dataset originally released on:

October 15, 2018

Purpose of collection

This survey is used to collect statistics about the energy used by all types of New Zealand businesses, in the primary, industrial, trade, and services sectors. Organisations provide information on how much energy they use, which allows Stats NZ to publish data at industry and national levels for different energy types. The energy types include electricity, petrol, diesel, coal, natural gas, and renewable energy.

Method of collection/Data provider

The survey was posted out in April each year, with a reference period of the last financial year for which the business had results available in May.
The Energy Use Survey has been designed as a rolling survey: different industry groupings (ANZSIC06) are surveyed every year, with the objective that the whole economy is covered in three years.