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Patent applications to the EPO filed by OECD countries

By inventor's country of residence, 2011, thousands


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Data calculation/treatment

The indicators presented here are based on fractional counts. Fractional counts are applied for patents with multiple inventors/applicants: when a patent was invented by several inventors from different countries/regions, the respective contributions of each country/region is taken into account. This is done in order to eliminate multiple counting of such patents.


To date, the OECD Patent Database fully covers:
- Patent applications to the European Patent Office (EPO) (from 1978 onwards);
- Patents granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) (from 1976 onwards);
- Patents filed under the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT), at international phase, that designate the EPO (from 1978 onwards);
- Patents that belong to Triadic Patent Families (OECD definition): i.e. sub-set of patents all filed together at the EPO, at the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) and at the USPTO, protecting the same set of inventions.

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OECD Patents Statistics: Total Patents by TL3 Regions 2013



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This data forms the table International Comparisons - Patents by NZ region and OECD countries 1998–2011.

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April 2015