School leavers with NCEA Level 2 or above in New Zealand

By gender, 2009–2018, % of students leaving school


For this indicator students who identified in more than one ethnic group have been counted in each ethnic group.
MELAA stands for Middle Eastern/Latin American/African.
For this indicator European/Pākehā refers to people who affiliate as New Zealand European, Other European or European (not further defined). For example, this includes and is not limited to people who consider themselves as Australian (excluding Australian Aborigines), British and Irish, American, Spanish, and Ukrainian.


School leavers: school leavers in 2018 are students that permanently left school to enter the workforce and/or undertake further education and training outside of the compulsory schooling system sometime between 1 March 2018 and the last day of February (inclusive) 2019. School leavers are identified using ENROL.
NCEA: NCEA stands for National Certificate of Educational Achievement. NCEA is the national qualification system for New Zealand's senior secondary school students. It is made up of three certificates at Levels 1, 2 and 3 and usually studied in Years 11, 12 and 13.

Data calculation/treatment

The denominator is the total number of school leavers in a given school year.

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Domestic students who were aged less than 19 in their first enrolment in ENROL; including alternative education students, students 16 or over and students attending teen parent units.
Students with leave reason; 'end of schooling' or 'early leaving exemption'.
Students with leave reason 'transferred to another school in New Zealand' or 'transferred to home schooling' but did not reenrol in another school according to ENROL.
Students with leave reason 'gone overseas permanently', who meet the age criteria.
Students who attend for a period of time at the start of 2018 but leave before 1 March 2019 are counted with 2018 leavers.


Returning adult students (aged 19 or more) with a year gap in their attendance.
Exchange and International fee-paying students.
Students who successfully transferred to another school in New Zealand or to home schooling.
Deceased students.

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School Leavers: School Leavers with NCEA 2 or above 2018


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