Deployment plans of IoT solutions among large technology organisations in New Zealand

September 2016, % of respondents


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of real life things that are connected to the internet. The same way a laptop or mobile phone connects to the internet, other things - devices, objects, machines, animals or people - can be connected and interact with each other. These connected things collect and exchange data.


The minimum business size to qualify for this survey was 250 employees.
Survey respondents were screened to check that they:
- Were involved in IT or business decisions making at their organisation
- Had heard of the term ‘IoT’ before the survey
- Were at least ‘somewhat’ familiar with the concept of the IoT

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New Zealand IoT Alliance

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Digital Nation New Zealand: Global IoT Decision Maker Survey 2016

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This data was supplied to Figure.NZ by IDC.
IDC is the organisation who conducted the survey and provided the results to the New Zealand IoT Alliance.

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File as imported: Digital Nation New Zealand: Global IoT Decision Maker Survey 2016

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  • Sheet: Perceptions
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This data forms the table Techonology - Perception of IoT among large New Zealand businesses September 2016.

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June 2017

Method of collection/Data provider

In September 2016, IDC surveyed 256 New Zealand enterprise IT and business decision makers from large organisations about their perceptions of IoT.
The respondents needed to be qualified to answer questions regarding the company's current and/or future use of and investment in Internet of Things solutions (as well as meet the business size screener). Data is unweighted.