Government - Balance sheet time series (selected itemised categories) 2007–2016

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This table does not include all categories of the balance sheet.


Balance sheet: Records the value of the government’s assets, liabilities and net worth at a particular point in time (often referred to as the “balance date")
Assets: are what government owns. They represent a store of value, and can be a source of income or generate economic benefit when used. Assets are either current or non-current.
Liabilities: debts that establish an obligation to provide economic benefits to another party that holds the corresponding financial claims.
Net worth: the difference between the total value of all assets and the total value of all liabilities.
Net Worth attributable to the Crown: Represents the Crown's share of total assets and liabilities and excludes the minority interests'share of those assets and liabilities.

Data calculation/treatment

These financial statements have been prepared on the basis of historic cost modified by the revaluation of certain assets and liabilities, and prepared on an accrual basis, unless otherwise specified (for example, the Statement of Cash Flows). The financial statements are presented in New Zealand dollars rounded to the nearest million, unless separately identified.

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The Total Crown includes the core Crown (a reporting segment consisting of the Crown, departments, Offices of Parliament, the NZS Fund and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand) plus Crown entities and SOEs. The Government Reporting Entities are listed on pages 43 to 46 of

Changes to data collection/processing

The financial statements for the years 2014 and 2016, have been prepared in accordance with Public Sector PBE Accounting Standards (PBE Standards) – Tier 1. These standards are based on International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS). Financial statements from 2007 to 2013 have been prepared in accordance with NZ equivalents to International Financial Reporting Standards as appropriate for public benefit entities (NZ IFRS (PBE)).  The impact of moving from NZ IFRS (PBE) to PBE Standards was not significant.  This is due to a strong degree of convergence between the two suites of standards.
Figures prior to 2007 reflect the old Generally Accepted Accounting Practice.

Property, plant & equipment: From 2011 the land underneath state highways, rail network and cultural and heritage assets were include in the land asset class. Previously such land was included as a component of the value of those separate classes of assets.
Provision for Kyoto: From 2009 the Crown reported an intangible asset in relation to the Kyoto Protocol agreement.

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