Education - Non-enrolment rates per 1,000 students, by school quintile and ethnic group 2012

Ministry of Education


The Correspondence School does not have a decile classification.
'Not Applicable' includes schools that do not have a decile classification.
'Total' includes cases where a school was not recorded.
International fee-paying students are excluded.
For this indicator ethnicity is prioritised in the order of Māori, Pasifika, Asian, other groups except European/Pākehā, and European/Pākehā.
For this indicator European/Pākehā refers to people who affiliate as New Zealand European, Other European or European (not further defined). For example, this includes and is not limited to people who consider themselves as Australian (excluding Australian Aborigines), British and Irish, American, Spanish, and Ukrainian.
Ethnic group 'Other' includes MELAA


Numerator: The number of assisted non-enrolment cases each year. Students who had a non-enrolment notification were aged between 6 and 15. Once a student reaches 16 they are no longer required to be enrolled in school.
Denominator: The number of students aged between 6 and 15 (excluding International fee-paying students) on the roll as at 1 July of each year.

Data calculation/treatment

The age-standardised non-enrolment rate is one where all subgroups, for all years, being compared are artificially given the same age distribution. In this indicator, the age distributions of students in each subgroup and year have been standardised to (or weighted by) the set of 2012 age-specific non-enrolment rates for all New Zealand.


Assisted AE placement - Student was out of school but has now enrolled in, and is attending an alternative education centre.
Assisted Enrolment - Student was out of school and has now been enrolled into or back in school.
Assisted Exemption - Student was out of school and has now started a course or employment. As the student is younger than 16 they have an exemption to allow them to leave.


International fee-paying students

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Ministry of Education

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School Student Engagement and Participation: Non-enrolled students 2012


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From the dataset School Student Engagement and Participation: Non-enrolled students 2012, this data was extracted:

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August 2013

Purpose of collection

The Ministry of Education is responsible for upholding the Education Act 1989 which states attendance at school is compulsory for New Zealand citizens and residents from age 6 until they turn 16.

When a student of compulsory school age has left a school and not enrolled in another school within 20 consecutive school days, the school is required to notify the Ministry via the school student enrolment register (ENROL). The Ministry, along with an external contracted provider, work to locate these students, and where necessary assist their return to education. Staff work alongside students, their families/whānau, schools, and other agencies to discuss and facilitate a return to education.

There is strong evidence to suggest that regular attendance at school is one of the most significant factors influencing student achievement. Chronic truancy is also strong predictor of negative outcomes in later life including violence, delinquency, substance abuse, unemployment and early parenting.