Transport - Number of crashes by territorial authority 2012–2016

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Motor vehicle crash: Any crash that occurs on a public road that is attributable directly or indirectly to a motor vehicle or its load.
Fatal injuries: Up to and including 1974 comprised injuries that resulted in death within 28 days of the crash. From, and including, 1975 they compromise injuries that result in death within 30 days of the crash. This is consistent with the international definition.
Serious injuries: Fractures, concussion, internal injuries, crushings, severe cuts and lacerations, severe general shock necessitating medical treatment and any other injury involving removal to and detention in hospital.
Minor injuries: Injuries of a minor nature such as sprains and bruises.

Crash, casualty, vehicles involved: These terms often cause some confusion. The following example may help to clarify their use. If two motor vehicles collide one motor vehicle crash has taken place. If four people in one of the vehicles were injured and two in the other, then this one crash has resulted in six casualties. The number of vehicles involved was two.

Data calculation/treatment

When attributing a crash to a specific Territorial Authority, motorways are included in the adjacent population centre.
Populations are resident population estimates from Stats NZ.


Crashes which do not occur on public roads are excluded (e.g. tractor crashes on farms are not included).
Crashes involving property damage only are not included in this dataset.

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Ministry of Transport

Dataset name

Motor Vehicle Crashes in New Zealand: Local body casualties and crashes 2016


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At link above select and download excel file labelled 'Section 7 Local body casualties and crashes [XLSX, 64 KB]'

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File as imported: Motor Vehicle Crashes in New Zealand: Local body casualties and crashes 2016

From the dataset Motor Vehicle Crashes in New Zealand: Local body casualties and crashes 2016, this data was extracted:

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June 20, 2017

Method of collection/Data provider

When a road traffic crash involved a motor vehicle and results in someone being injured, then the law requires that crash to be reported.
After dealing with safety and legal duties, the reporting officer complete a Traffic Crash Report (TCR). The TCR is examined and coded by traffic engineers and by administrative staff of New Zealand Transport Agency and this coded information is entered into the Crash Analysis System.