050100150200Area planted for squash production on Māori farmsin New ZealandYear ended June 2007–2017, hectaresProvider: Stats NZ200720092011201220142017

Area planted for squash production on Māori farms in New Zealand

Year ended June 2007–2017, hectares


Farm: denotes one or more blocks of land, managed as a single operation, engaged in agricultural activity. Activities include livestock farming, horticulture, viticulture, nurseries, forestry, growing grain and seed crops, and land that could be used for these purposes.
Māori farms: identified by matching the Agriculture Production Survey to the list of Māori enterprise found defined as Māori authorities, the list of self-identified Māori business or through partner Poutama Trust. The majority are Māori authorities and a small minority are from the other sources.

Māori authority: having a Māori business flag on the Business Register. This flag denotes:
• business with a collectively managed asset, which uses current Inland Revenue eligibility criteria to be a Māori authority (irrespective of whether the enterprise elects to be a Māori authority for tax purposes)
• commercial business that supports the Māori authority’s business and social activities, and sustains or builds a Māori authority’s asset base
• business that is at least 50 percent owned by a Māori authority.

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Stats NZ

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Tatauranga Umanga Māori: Agriculture horticulture information for Maori farms 2018



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At URL provided, select 'Tatauranga umanga Māori – Statistics on Māori businesses: 2017–18 – metadata for CSV' file.
In the zipped folder, select the file 'Agriculture horticulture information for Maori farms, annual.csv'

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File as imported: Tatauranga Umanga Māori: Agriculture horticulture information for Maori farms 2018

From the dataset Tatauranga Umanga Māori: Agriculture horticulture information for Maori farms 2018, this data was extracted:

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This data forms the table Agriculture - Area of horticultural production for Māori farms 2007–2017.

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June 07, 2019

About this dataset

This data is derived from the Agriculture Production Survey (APS).

Purpose of collection

The APS is collected to gather information about livestock farming (including sheep, beef and dairy cattle, and deer), crop growing (including grain and seed crops), fruit, vegetables, wine grapes, forestry and farm practices (including fertiliser use).