Average engine sizes for light vehicles in New Zealand

By source and fuel type, 2004 & 2014, cubic centimetres


This data is based on vehicle either first registered in the indicated period, or last registered (ie re-registered) in that period


Light Passenger Fleet: passenger car/van (up to 3500 kg)
Light Commercial fleet: goods van/truck/utility, motor caravan, bus (up to 3500 kg)
Bus: Bus (over 3500 kg)
Truck: Passenger car/van, goods van/truck/utility, motor caravan (over 3500 kg)
Motorcycles: motorcycle, ATV, moped
Miscellaneous (licensed only): Mobile machine, special purpose vehicle, tractor, agricultural machine

Data calculation/treatment

This report provides information on New Zealand’s vehicle fleet by using the government’s vehicle register information as a key source.


The vehicles reported on are those that are licensed to be used on the road, so vehicles exempt from licensing (not used on the roads) or not currently licensed are excluded.

Changes to data collection/processing

For more information, visit http://transport.govt.nz/assets/Uploads/Research/Documents/NZ-Vehicle-Fleet-2014-final.pdf

Data provided by

Ministry of Transport

Dataset name

Annual Vehicle Fleet Statistics 2014



How to find the data

At URL provided, select '2014 New Zealand Vehicle Fleet Annual Spreadsheet' from under the 'Annual vehicle fleet statistics' heading.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Annual Vehicle Fleet Statistics 2014

From the dataset Annual Vehicle Fleet Statistics 2014, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: 4.1b
  • Range: C3:I182
  • Provided: 1,260 data points

This data forms the table Transport - Average light fleet engine sizes, by vehicle source and fuel type, by month 2000–2014.

Purpose of collection

The Ministry has developed a comprehensive set of Transport Indicators, which also include information on the vehicle fleet. The indicators provide national, and where possible regional, data for robust and consistent performance monitoring of the New Zealand transport sector.