051015UFB 30 Mbps / 10 MbpsUFB 100 Mbps / 50 MbpsUFB 100 Mbps / 100 MbpsUFB 200 Mbps / 50 MbpsUFB 1 Gbps symmetricUFB 10 GbpsSelf-reported fibre connection speed among TUANZ membersDownload/upload speed, 2015, % of survey respondents with UFB or fibre (n=91)Provider: TUANZ

Self-reported fibre connection speed among TUANZ members

Download/upload speed, 2015, % of survey respondents with UFB or fibre (n=91)


UFB: Ultra fast broadband
TUANZ: Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand
SME: Small and medium-sized enterprises (Less than 20 employees)
Corporate: Businesses with 20 or more employees

Data calculation/treatment

The results were segmented in two categories: SME and corporate. These were defined based on the employee count of the business (SME: 0-19; Corporate: 20+).
Some visualisations of the data do not include responses such as 'Don't know'.

Limitations of the data

The survey group was TUANZ members. They tend to be managers rather than technical, which explains why some don't know what connectivity they have. The respondents don't represent the general public or the SME community but those who have an interest in the telco space.
The total sample size was 216 respondents therefore smaller values should be viewed with caution.

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Dataset name

UFB Business User Survey 2015

How to find the data

The source dataset was provided by TUANZ for Figure.NZ to publish, received 4 August 2015

Import & extraction details

File as imported: UFB Business User Survey 2015

From the dataset UFB Business User Survey 2015, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: Fibre Survey
  • Range: E3:J309
  • Provided: 1,842 data points

This data forms the table Broadband - UFB Business User Survey data segmented by SME vs Corporate 2015.

Dataset originally released on:

August 2015

Purpose of collection

This survey was conducted by TUANZ and Crown Fibre Holdings in June 2015 to see how the environment had changed in the time since the last survey was undertaken in 2010. That survey was at the beginning of the UFB build and so there was little uptake and was looking at the likelihood of uptake. Half way through the build,TUANZ are wanting to see who's taken it up and if not, what the barriers are.