Average electricity demand per ICP for New Zealand households

1998–2016, Kilowatt Hours


An ICP is a physical point of connection on a local network or an embedded network that the distributor nominates as the point at which a retailer will be deemed to supply electricity to a consumer.
1 Gigawatt Hour (GWh) = 0.0036 Petajoules (PJ).
The Ministry has improved its method for calculating annual electricity consumption. Previously, weightings were calculated using grid export demand data from the Electricity Authority and applied to March year consumption data collected by the Ministry to calculate both quarterly and calendar year figures. This is referred to as the “historically consistent methodology”.
The Ministry now directly collects them on a quarterly basis. This means that actual calendar year data is available for 2014 onwards, referred to as the “new methodology”.
This does not include data for smaller retailers whose market share has increased in recent years. The Ministry is currently investigating increasing the coverage of this data.

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Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment

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Energy in New Zealand: Electricity December 2016



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This data forms the table Energy - Annual electricity consumption and line losses (GWh) 1974–2016.

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March 15, 2017