Organisations providing funding assistance to small firms in Auckland, New Zealand

Most common responses only, April 2016, % of businesses with 1 to 5 FTEs (n=296)

Limitations of the data

Results expressed as percentages are weighted based on business size. Please take caution when interpreting figures based on a small sample.

Data provided by

Auckland Council

Dataset name

Auckland Business Monitor: Survey Results (waves 1 to 3) 2016

How to find the data

This data was supplied directly by ATEED (Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development).

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Auckland Business Monitor: Survey Results (waves 1 to 3) 2016

From the dataset Auckland Business Monitor: Survey Results (waves 1 to 3) 2016, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: Q34b
  • Range: X10:AT101
  • Provided: 1,955 data points

This data forms the table Auckland Business Monitor - Organisations dealt with for advice/funding assistance by role, size, length of operation, rates and export status 2015–2016.

Dataset originally released on:

August 31, 2016

Purpose of collection

The Auckland Business Monitor is a biannual survey conducted by Auckland Council to better understand Auckland businesses in relation to skills, innovation and how they access business support services.

Method of collection/Data provider

The data is collected by Ipsos through a telephone survey. The sample size is approximately 500 businesses per survey wave. The survey periods were April-May 2015, October-November 2015 and April-May 2016