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Total emissions of sulphur oxides per capita for OECD countries

2012, kilograms per capita


Annual emissions of air pollutants:
This data are estimates of the annual volume of emissions of major air pollutants with respect to mobile and stationary sources. The details of estimation methods for emissions such as emission factors and reliability, extent of sources and pollutants included in estimations, etc., may differ from one country to another.

Sulphur oxides (Sox) exert a pressure on human health; they also contribute to acid deposition and thus have negative effects on aquatic ecosystems and buildings and may have negative effects on crops and forests.
Data refer to man-made emissions only, expressed as SO2.

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions mainly stem from the burning of fossil fuels at high temperatures. Nitrogen oxides play an important role in the production of photochemical oxidants and of smog, and contribute, together with SOx, to acid precipitation. They are of concern because of their negative effects both on human health and on the environment.
Data refer to man-made emissions only, expressed as NO2.

Particulate matter contributes significantly to visibility reduction and, as a carrier of toxic metals and other toxic substances, exerts pressures on human health, especially fine particulates.
Data refer to man-made emissions only.

Carbon monoxide (CO) can cause adverse health effects, in particular because it interferes with the absorption of oxygen by red blood cells.
Data refer to CO man-made emissions only.

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are considered, along with NOx, to be the main precursors of photochemical air pollution.
Data refer to VOC other than methane (CH4) man-made emissions only.

Data calculation/treatment

This dataset provides selected information on emissions of traditional air pollutants: emission data are based upon the best available engineering estimates for a given period; they concern man-made emissions of sulphur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter, carbon monoxide (CO) and volatile organic compounds (VOC).
The share of human activities as a source in total emissions of traditional air pollutants varies depending on the type of pollutant; most SOx emissions are man-made whereas CO and NOx emissions are mainly of natural origin.
Categories presented cover the following EMEP 2009 NFR codes (details on the codes and on emissions inventory methodology are available at http://www.ceip.at/emission-data-webdab/user-guide-to-webdab/):

Limitations of the data

In general, data from the Inventory submission to the UNFCCC are less detailed than data extracted from the UN-ECE EMEP Database.


Road Transport
Other mobile sources

Power station
Combustion: Industrial combustion, Other combustion.
Industrial processes
Miscellaneous: Agriculture, Energy, Waste

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Data exclude the categories (non man-made emissions and international aviation and maritime transports emissions): 1A3ai(i), 1A3ai(ii), 1A3di(i), 1A3di(ii), 7B, 11B, 11A, 11C.

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