Suicide - Number of deaths by age, sex, and ethnicity 2006–2015

Ministry of Health


Rate: The rate of suicide refers to the frequency with which these events occur relative to the number of people in a defined population and a defined time period.
Age-specific rates measure the frequency of suicides per 100,000 population relative to particular population age groups. Age-standardised rates per 100,000 population were standardised to the WHO world standard population

Limitations of the data

This 2015 data is provisional. In New Zealand, a death is only officially classified as suicide by the coroner on completion of the coroner’s inquiry. Only those deaths determined as ‘intentionally self-inflicted’ after the inquiry will receive a final verdict of suicide. At the time of data extraction (29 September 2017), there were 10 deaths registered in 2015 that were still subject to coroners’ findings and where the cause of death was not known. Although these deaths are not included in the following data, some may later be classified as suicide.

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Ministry of Health

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Suicide Facts: 2015 data


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  • Sheet: 2015
  • Range: C4:L22
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November 23, 2017

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Data sourced from the New Zealand Mortality Collection.