Length of bridges with weight restriction on New Zealand roads

By road type, June 2008 & 2017, metres


Single lane bridges: bridges where there is only a single lane.
Speed restriction bridges: bridges where there is a speed restriction (but no weight restriction).
Timber bridges: bridges made out of timber.
Weight restriction bridges: bridges that have a weight restriction. Some of these bridges may also have a speed restriction.


This data is about bridges that can be used by motor vehicles. Pedestrian bridges are excluded.

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NZ Transport Agency

Dataset name

Physical Statistics: Bridges 2017



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At URL provided, select 'Data' in the table row corresponding to Infrastructure > Physical statistics - bridges'.

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File as imported: Physical Statistics: Bridges 2017

From the dataset Physical Statistics: Bridges 2017, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: Bridges
  • Range: D2:M311
  • Provided: 3,100 data points

This data forms the table Transport - Bridges by road type and region 2008–2017.

About this dataset

This dataset provides information about the number and length of bridges within Road Controlling Authority areas, each Region and Territorial Authority in New Zealand.