Wine available for consumption in New Zealand

By alcohol content, 2014 Q4–2019 Q4, millions of litres


Spirits with an alcohol content of less than or equal to 23%: Spirit-based drinks. They include RTDs (ready-to-drink beverages), and wines that are spirit based.


Stats NZ exclude domestically produced beer and wine with less than 1.15 percent alcohol content, and alcoholic beverages produced by private individuals at home.

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Stats NZ

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Alcohol Available for Consumption: Litres of Beverage (Qrtly-Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec) December 2019


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At URL provided select: Industry Sectors > Alcohol Available for Consumption - ALC > Litres of Beverage (Qrtly-Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec).
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This data forms the table Alcohol - Litres of beverage available for consumption by type and alcoholic content (Quarterly) 1983 Q3–2019 Q4.

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February 26, 2020

About this dataset

The statistics in this release measure how much alcoholic beverage is released to the domestic market, and therefore available for consumption. The statistics do not measure actual consumption. Information is not available to measure the change in the level of stocks that are held before sale and therefore, not yet consumed. The figures also exclude alcoholic beverages produced by households.

This release includes statistics for beer, spirits, spirit-based drinks, and wine (includes cider).

Method of collection/Data provider

The volume of alcohol available for consumption comes solely from administrative data. No direct surveying occurs. Stats NZ obtain information from two sources: New Zealand Customs Service (NZCS) and their own merchandise trade statistics.
NZCS provides figures on beer, spirits, spirit-based drinks, and wine produced for local consumption on which duty is paid; the merchandise trade statistics provide data on imports less re-exports.