Length of roads in New Zealand

By region and surface type, June 2019, kilometres


Lane length: length of a longitudinal strip of the roadway intended for the passage of vehicles or a specific class of vehicles that is separated from other parts of the roadway by a longitudinal line or lines of paint or raised studs, which includes:
- cycle lane
- lane for the use of vehicular traffic that is at least 2.5 m wide
- lane of a two-way road divided by a centre line.

Road length: length of roads including streets, motorways (except for Territorial Authority data), beaches, places to which the public have access, all bridges, culverts, ferries, and fords forming part of a road, and all sites at which vehicles may be weighed for the purposes of the Act or any other enactment.

Local roads: roads that form a regionally strategic purpose in moving people and goods within regions. These roads are managed by local government.
State highways: roads in New Zealand that form a nationally strategic purpose in moving people and goods nationwide. State highways are a Crown asset that we manage on behalf of central government.

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Physical Statistics: Roads 2019



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At URL provided, select 'Data' in the table row corresponding to Infrastructure > Physical statistics - roads'.

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File as imported: Physical Statistics: Roads 2019

From the dataset Physical Statistics: Roads 2019, this data was extracted:

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This data forms the table Transport - Road length by road surface type and region 2009–2019.

Dataset originally released on:

May 25, 2020

About this dataset

This dataset provides information about the length of urban and rural, sealed and unsealed roads within Road Controlling Authority areas, each Region and Territorial Authority in New Zealand.