Nominal average prices of natural gas in New Zealand

By type, 1988–2018, NZ cents per kWh

Data calculation/treatment

Prices are presented inclusive of all applicable taxes and levies. Industrial and commercial prices exclude Goods and Services Tax (GST) as these sectors can generally reclaim the GST component. Wholesale prices are assumed to relate to the commercial sector so exclude GST. Residential customers generally cannot reclaim GST therefore residential prices include the GST component.

Data provided by

Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment

Dataset name

Energy in New Zealand: Energy prices June 2019


How to find the data

At URL provided, select 'Energy prices'.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Energy in New Zealand: Energy prices June 2019

From the dataset Energy in New Zealand: Energy prices June 2019, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: Annual cents per unit (nominal)
  • Range: D11:AV42
  • Provided: 516 data points

This data forms the table Energy - Nominal average fuel prices by type and category (Annual) 1974–2018.

Dataset originally released on:

July 13, 2019

About this dataset

Prices are presented in units typical for each fuel (such as cents/litre for petrol and diesel or cents/kWh for electricity) and are displayed on a calendar year basis in both real (adjusted for inflation) and nominal terms for all available years.